What is your UX process in 2019?

When you first land on your job as a UX Designer or as an intern, first week requirements two might pass without any pressure. Developers might give you the requirements and you might use your existing knowledge about the tools to design what they have requested from you. You may deliver whatever the things you designed or you might spend the first two weeks designing that one task you were given.

If you joined a project which is few sprints old, you will soon realize that more often than not, the developers are waiting until your design is finalized and delivered to them. If your project consist of several applications and if you are the only UX person in the project, you will feel the pressure soon enough. Nothing hurts more, than someone being idle until your work is delivered.

That’s one of the many reasons why you need to have an UX process, for you or for a particular project.

Before I begin, I have to mention that when I was a beginner UX process was one of the most confusing things to me because I read about different descriptions and different terms by different authors and back then I couldn’t figure out how to really execute a UX process and why different authors have differently described it.

Just like you can’t learn to swim without getting into the water, you will not understand a UX process until you actually apply it to a project and it’s something that evolves with the experience you gain.

So Let me explain how I figured it out with both theorems and experience.

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