Programmatic formats in 2019 ?

In 2018, programmatic media spend has surpassed TV ad spend. And eMarketer predicts that this trend will not slow down, with programmatic is for more than every linear ad spend aggregated all together (TV, radio, paper, out of home)

The main reason being that programmatic as a mean of automating transactions will spread its reach to new formats!

At the beginning, programmatic was used by publishers to sell their remnant inventory at a fair price determined by the market. But more than auction-based price determination, the real disruption came from the fact that no direct relationship and no paperwork was needed! All was made digitally, the exchange platform took care of the IO.

Display was the first format programmatic took over, since there was so much of it.

Publishers were able to sell, and buyers managed to get more with less by finding the right audience at a low price on a per impression basis! They wanted more of it!

And publishers seeing extra lines of revenues started to add new ad placements on their pages.

Native formats appeared in exchanges, interstitials, video audio and many more.

But this explosion of supply was limited to desktop and mobile. Until recently.

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