4 Advantages That Rich Snippets Can Give

The of the web for brands is undeniable, achieved through strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Mkt (SEM), depending on the case.

Rich snippets work to achieve better SEO . They started running in 2009 at Google to offer more information about a page.

These are the additional lines that appear below some search results and that enrich the information given to the user about the content of the page in question.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have them equally, which brands can take advantage of this feature. For its implementation, the most popular search engine in the world recommends the use of microdata, microformats or RDFa.

Over time they have become one more factor in on-page SEO and their importance has not stopped growing and growing.

There are different types: highlights, events, recipes, videos, articles, among others. It is important to know them, as they result in rich content that can be placed for free on the pages of brands.

They have at least four specific advantages:

  1. Higher visibility in organic searches, because they will report more traffic when they stand out from the rest of the competition results because it makes one file look more than the others and that is much more complete.
  2. They contribute to generating an image of trust and credibility about the brand.
  3. The user decides to visit it and knows what he is looking for and what he is going to find, so the bounce rate of the website will decrease while the CTR increases.
  4. They help position the content, albeit indirectly, so the strategist must start creating content oriented to generate this type of highlighted fragments.

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